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About Us

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Creating With Love

    Aaliyah has always been a curious and creative young girl. At the age of 8, Aaliyah started a lip balm business. Aaliyah loved the creating process of coming up with fun fruity scents and being hands on with production. Fast forward to age 11, Aaliyah has now created a full skin care line, A.M. Sweetness.


    A.M. Sweetness was created with 2 things in mind. The first thing was that the products be made with natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals, and be gentle on young girl's skin. The second thing was that A.M. Sweetness be a brand that helps teach young girls the importance of self care inside and out. A.M. Sweetness is here to empower girls and to let every girl know that they are strong, amazing, unique and so much more!

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